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IFAK/EMS supply contents



Students frequently ask us to review their current IFAK kits and or what products we use. Below are some of the general items we recommend. This list is not all inclusive so budget and needs may dictate your choice. 

Cheaper is NOT always better and your life or someone else's life may depend upon what you choose to build your kit with.

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IFAK Kit Contents

NAR Compressed Gauze for Packing

Chest Seals

NAR CAT 7 Tourniquet

NAR TQ Holder

X8T Tourniquet

Rescue Essentials Traumas IFAK Pouch

Color Coded Accessory Bags

OTC Med Book

IFAK Pouch

NAR Individual patrol Officers Kit (IPOK)

Vaseline Gauze 

EMT Shears

Medline 5x9 Abdominal Pads

ACE Bandage

Medline Nitrile Exam Gloves

Thermal Blanket

NAR 6" Trauma Dressing


PERSYS Israeli Bandage 4"

QuickClot Combat Gauze

Additional EMS supplies & safety gear

CPR Pocket Mask

TACTICAL Medical Pouch (belt/vest worn)

Littmann Stethoscope

First Responder EMS bag

SAM Splint

Orange EMS tacklebox

Tourniquet/Trauma Shear pouch

Admin pouch

Penlights for assessment


EDC Sling Bag

NAR Dry sterile Burn Cravat

Nanuk Watreproof Hardshell EMS Case

Faraday Bag for Cell Phone

Faraday bag for Car FOB

Nuun Hydration tablets

MSA Sordin electronic hearing protection

NAR Quick Litter

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