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AED training

Whether it's one AED or several combined with training or just the AED purchase alone, 1776 Training & Consulting can assist you from start to finish. We have experience helping businesses/church groups etc. choose the right AED, set up, install & train. In Joe's prior job as a fire lieutenant, he was responsible for the purchase and deployment of 52 units for his department. We know a thing or two about AED's. 

HSI training center


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Over 7 different types to choose from and to suit your budget. Prices range from $1420-2500 (as of 9/2023).

Need an AED with a high IP rating? We have the complete list of all units we offer with associated IP ratings. We can even assist with units for aircraft and FAA specified batteries.

Click on the contact us page to send a message, email us or call us and we will help you with your choice! We can even help you set up the AED and if local, we can perform monthly checks if requested for a small additional charge.

Medical direction and oversight is covered in detail below and offers a great deal for our clients:

Certified Physician Oversight and AED Prescription
• Maintenance checks and record keeping
• Local and regional AED Registration
• Written AED Policies and Procedures
• CPR/AED training Certification Tracking
• Post-Event AED data download, Physician Review and Report – Outlined below.
Client’s AED Total Solution unique Web Portal Includes: 
• AED Tracking - Site, Location, Serial Number 
• Battery/Electrode Tracking 
• Documented inspection histories 
• CPR/AED Certification Tracking 
• 60 and 30 day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration auto-email notifications 
• 60 and 30 day Training Certification Expiration auto-email notifications
• Monthly Inspection email reminders 
• Printable records and information covering every aspect of Program 
Post Event Procedures: 
• Loaner AED sent 1-day-air to client with postage-paid return box for used AED
• Legally required notifications made to local authorities
• Event data downloaded from used AED, reviewed by Physician
• Post-Event Physician Report created and sent back to client
• AED Inspected, cleaned and refurbished
• AED sent back to Client with postage-paid return box for loaner AED

HSI AED flyer
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